Friday, April 21, 2017

The One About Rome

It's about time I post about Rome.

To start at the beginning I should say I get the Biblical Archaeology Review magazine. Every year they list digs overseas, and every year for the last four or so years I have read through the list and bemoaned the fact I couldn't go on one. Part was the cost, but also because I just didn't think it was possible for me to travel overseas.

With my desire to get my piloting license this year I again looked at the list with the same feelings of impossibility, though I determined to go next year.

However, as I was looking, I was surprised to find some very inexpensive digs in Italy. Though not my first choice as far as countries go - I wanted to go to Egypt first - I realized I could actually afford it if I managed my money carefully. Still, I didn't think it was possible but I filled out a couple applications and then forgot about them.

A few weeks after I filled them out I got replies from two of the sites. I had been accepted for two separate digs! Giddy, I easily picked which one I wanted out of the two. (Not only did it cost less but it was for eighteen days rather than one week.)

I sent in half the amount to hold my place and have steadily been saving up the rest, as well as the money I will need for my plane ticket.

The dig isn't until the middle of September and goes until the first week in October. So I have a long while to wait, but that is besides the point. I. Am. Going. To. Rome! And the price includes a tour of Pompeii which we will be digging near!

Now just comes the waiting.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Old Fshioned

I am not....

A baker.
A sewer
An artist
An Archaeologist
A pilot
A homemaker
A cook
A mother
A wife
Always well put together

There is so much going on right now as far as Women's Rights. And while I could stand for certain of those rights, there is so much mixed in - including abortion - that I cannot stand with. Therefore I am one of those apposed to the general idea of Woman's Rights.

I'm old fashioned, but I am also me. I am tired of women putting themselves in boxes and saying they need to get jobs and go out into the world to be seen as human beings.

I live in America. As a woman I have it pretty good as far as rights go.

But why am I writing all of this? Is there a connection?

You see, I'm a human being. Created in God's image. Maybe I am a unique human being, because I believe I can do things. I don't have to be put into the box women are stuffing themselves in. Yes, I have a fact I have two. I don't think it is wrong for women to have jobs. We need jobs too. But I also don't think there is anything wrong with being a homemaker, wife, and mother. Am I any of those? Not really. I am learning to be a homemaker and keep my little home. I am not a wife and mother but I'm not opposed to it. God just hasn't called me to that, not yet, maybe someday. Maybe not though. Maybe I will always be single. Point is I am going to serve God single or married.

I am also not stuffed into personality boxes. I am not girly, but I am also not tomboy in the sense it is used now. I love the outdoors. I hike, I swim, I raft, I camp. I also wear frilly skirts and dresses, I wear high heels sometimes, I sometimes like to do my hair so it looks pretty. I climb trees in skirts and with my hair in buns, I run around barefoot in the summer, I ski and snowboard and come home and wrap up in fuzzy blankets and read. I am introverted and outgoing. I love people, I love time alone. I don't like terms like Introvert, Extrovert, Girly, Tomboy. They are too limiting. Why can't people be themselves even if it is a mix of all of that?

I'm a girl who goes to college, not because I believe I have to but because I want to study and learn more. I enjoy it. I am a girl who works two jobs because I live on my own, because right now that is just how things have to be done. Would I like to be living at home still, yes. Can I? No. So I do what must be done and I do it with my whole heart and cheerfully. I decorate in pink, I keep a raft in my car, I drive a blazer with butterfly seat covers, I dig in the dirt because I love history, I fly, I am a lady and accept help from men when it is offered me. But sometimes it isn't there and I have to do things on my own so I do it. I have learned to never turn down an offer of help and kindness though, whether it is from men or women. It helps to keep me humble and makes others feel good.

In other words, what I mean to say is I am myself. The girl God created in His own image. And I am proud to be that girl and I will continue to be so. I'm far from normal, but I'm something else. Human.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let it snow, let it snow

Winter has arrived suddenly and has hit hard. There have been blizzards and feet and feet of snow. This means lots of hard work shoveling, plenty of cold days which were miserable because the snow was more slush than snow, and a car snow days.

I love the snow. I always have. It means snowboarding, skiing, sledding, snowshoeing. It also means indoor activities, and time to watch movies - currently I am making my way through all four Indiana Jones movies.

I have gone up snowboarding twice so far and skiing once. Thanks to a friend of mine and his help I have slowly gotten better a both. I am also taking a class for back-country skiing this semester. I am extremely excited for that class and cannot wait for it to start, if only we could stop having snow days at school.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year 2016

2016 has come to an end, so I thought I would do a review of my past year. 

What I did:
1. Visited the ocean
3. I saw the Blue Angels
4. I walked around Fallen Leaf Lake, a five hour hike
5. I visited the Red Woods
6. I went camping
7. I went Stand up Paddling twice
8. Rafted some rivers and in Lake Tahoe
9. I started to draw again

What I didn't do:
There isn't much I didn't do that I really regret not doing. There are a few things though.
1. Not getting my passport
2. Not going horse back riding
3. Went on an Archaeology dig (I tried this one so hard, I just couldn't find one in the area this year and didn't have the money to travel too far.)
4. Drew more

Next Year Resolutions:
1. Go to Rome. This one is easy and will be explained more in a later post.
2. Stand up paddle more.
3. Ski and snowboard more
4. Camp
5. Read more, I have a list to get through
6. Go on more hikes.
7, And lastly, more or less, travel even more

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

School Changes

I have a lot to say but nothing at all. I hate feelings like this, I can't explain them and they make me want to hide in my little cabin and never come out.

Life has been a whirlwind since school started. Now I am on Christmas break and things seem different now even though it has only been three months since I started school again.I had to make some choices which were hard and which I didn't enjoy but seem to have worked out for the best.

When I signed up for classes I signed up for a math and Anthropology class. Half way through the math class, which I thought I could get through if I worked extra hard at, I began to fail. Knowing how badly it would look on future records, and because of pressing family problems which made my already struggle with math almost impossible, I decided it would be better in the end to drop the class and try again later rather than flunk it - yet again. I have already tried to pass Algebra five times already and failed each time.

I concentrated instead on Anthropology and hated every minute of it. There was a lot in the textbook and class I didn't agree with, a lot on evolution and new age theories. I passed though. And when it finished I had a chance to give my schooling some thought before I signed up for the winter semester.

I have decided to not get a degree in Anthropology. I still want to get it in Archaeology, but I need to get my math skills up first. Something I can work on this winter on my own and take a math class in the spring if I can pass the text book on my own.

Until then, I will be taking a history class, a skiing one - cross country which should be enjoyable if only because it allows me to get outside in the snow - and a beginning piano. I am taking the piano class with my best friend, so it should be fun, that and I enjoy learning new instruments. 

For the time being though I don't plan to do any thinking of school. I am registered for classes which means I can enjoy my holiday break to its fullest. Something I can do even better since my mom and Ryan will be coming to visit me in just four days! I am so excited!! We have so many plans, including me and Ryan going snowboarding. And I was able to get a season pass, so I can go up as often as I like.

And that is all. I'm sure I will have more to share after their visit. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Pole

Not even a year ago I bought a new for me Jimmy Blazer. A '91, blue and white, I named Tintin. I didn't want to get rid of my white car which had brought me out to California but it wouldn't pass emissions. So I bought Tintin and he grew on me almost instantly.

Tintin took me to Glass Beach. He took me to work and back. He took off roading. He was fun.

Then my brother came out to visit and fix him when he randomly died. I was excited. Tintin would be fixed and my brother would be coming and bringing my new motorcycle.

We had a nice visit, then on his last day here I decided to run down to the post office. Nothing major.

Only I blinked, and the next thing I knew there was a pole in front of me.

Now Tintin looks like this.

It isn't as bad as it could have been, but it is still bad. My brother had to take him back to Wyoming to fix, and now I am here without him. Just me and my white car. And I miss him. And the picture still makes me cringe. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fly In

Sometimes I do dumb things, like spill noddles on my head. Other times I go to an Airplane race and end up not having working batteries in my camera. (Phones come in handy in a pinch.)
Then there are times I do really stupid things, like walk past a bold blue and white sign three times proclaiming, "FLIGHT LESSONS!" and ask a member of the FAA at the same table if he can direct me toward a flight instructor. And I wondered why they all smirked like I was mad....

I did get to talk to the Carson City flight instructor though. Now comes the part I hate, waiting for them to contact me. For my limited flying patience it always feels like it takes years.

I did have fun at the airshow in spite of not seeing the sign. The Blue Angels were there, and it has been FAR too long since I've seen them. They were just as amazing as I remember them being.

Monday college started, which means less time to study my flight manual. Both classes I'm taking feel like a race themselves, and even though I am only two days in I already can tell I would prefer to fly a plane in a race rather than race through math.

That is all. I am trying to get caught up on assignments I have no been given enough time for and I am tired.