Monday, March 25, 2013

Winter Rock Climbing

I have been able to open my Esty shop! I am very excited, I even have some gloves for sale already. If you would like to look at them you can find them at this link.

I took some pictures of some of my other gloves as well. These aren't for sale as one pair is being used in an upcoming book trailer and the other pair is for a friend.

This is the pair which will be used in the trailer. They are a simple, gray pair which are meant to go with a girl's costume. I don't know what the rest of the costume will look like yet.

This is the pair for my friend. It is hard to tell from the picture but they are a light blue.

Today my cousins and I decided to brave the cold for a rock climbing trip. (I don't know if they would like me using their names online, so I shall just refer to them by their first initials.)

D and I have been planning on rock climbing since it got nice, but with this cold snap we've both been suffering cabin fever. We had hopes that today wouldn't be too bad since it is supposed to be warming up again, though yesterday was freezing.

When we got up into the mountains were were assaulted with cold wind and piles of snow, but we still braved the rocks.

Nearly everything was covered in snow which made it slippery, and we weren't really prepared for it. I had on low topped converses which were soon soaked through and D only had on his tennis shoes. T, his sister, was brighter then us and had on her snow boots, although this made climbing hard. Most of the time we boasted and pulled each other up so we would lessen the risk of one of us sliding off a cliff.

It didn't help that we were all dressed in layers, which made us stiff. It is hard to bend your legs when you are wearing two layers of pants. 

By the time we called it quits we decided we were even more eager for summer. Throw on some shorts and tee shirts and we can get up almost any rock. We also want to go camping again.

Before I go, I was asked to guest post on this blog here, if you would like to read it.

And I posted on my fashion blog again.

Lastly, I set up my book blog.

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