Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An unread book


Until We Have Faces. Written by C.S. Lewis. Published 1956

This is a book I haven't yet read, aside from a few lines on the first page. I have been meaning to read more of Lewis' work, and this is one I especially want to read. That and the Screwtape Letters. (I wasn't able to find any books I have read that start with U, so I had to go with one I haven't and therefore have no idea what it is about.)
 Therefore, U is a very short post.
In my last post I mentioned that I'm hoping to buy a dog. My family has always had dogs, mostly labs, but I've never owned my own dog. And I've fallen in love with Yorkshire Terriers. The only problem is is that they are a very popular breed. There was a puppy at the mall, she was so cute! But she cost 1200 dollars, which is more then what I payed on my car. I don't think I would ever be able to make myself pay that much for a dog.

I've been checking the local pound though. They had one there but when I went to look at her today I was told she'd already been adopted. So, the search goes on. I've been checking the newspaper, the Cheyenne, Loveland, and Fort Collins papers, and all their shelters.
The good thing though is that my mom has become very fond of the Yorkshires, which means she will mind even less about me getting a dog. 


  1. Hmmm, I'd read this book just because of the title. Maybe I will. Hope your Yorkshire comes padding into your life soon. :-)

    Take 25 to Hollister
    Don't be a Hippie

  2. I haven't read that particular book yet either, but, from what I've heard, it's a retelling of the Greek myth Cupid and Psyche - from the POV of one of her sisters, I believe. If I remember right, it was one of Lewis's favorites because he wrote it his way, rather than copying someone else's style. Part of the reason I haven't read it yet is that I haven't found a copy, and I haven't really hunted because I've read that it's one of his harder books to read. I'm a huge fan of Lewis, and myth retellings, so I will read it ... someday.

    I hope you can find the dog you want!

  3. I've read the usual Narnia books but haven't read the one above. There are so many authors who became famous for one thing or antoher but NOT for all of their work. Not too many people read Tolkein's 'Silmarillion' but they do read 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. As the commenter above says...maybe sometime. Good luck with your dog hunting. Nancy at Welcome to she said, he said

  4. I've never owned my own dog either. I live in an apartment so I can only get away with a cat. I still have hope though that someday I'll have another four-legged furry companion by my side. Good luck in your search for a Yorkie.

    Have fun with the rest of a-z.

  5. I'm sure you'll find the perfect dog. :)

  6. Good luck finding the dog of your dreams :)

  7. I love reading CS Lewis, but have not read this one either. Now it will go onto my "Un-read" list!

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