Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I just want to ruin the life of an orphan boy


The Invisible Man. Written by H.G Wells. Published 1897.

Whenever asked which superpower I'd like if I could pick I always said I'd like to be invisible. I'd like to be able to disappear when I didn't wish to talk to someone. I'd like to be able to spy on people without risk of getting caught. But after reading this book I've begun to wonder if being invisible is as much fun as it sounds.

Griffin is a former medical student who discovers a method to turn people invisible. He tries it first on a cat and when it works he tests it on himself. There is only one draw back. Once invisible there is no way to going back.

Most of the story is set in a little village where Griffin is hiding out. The villagers all begin to gossip about their mysterious visitor, which in the ends leads them to discovering his secret. Griffin is forced to flee, after caused havoc by tripping everyone as they give chase. From there Griffin tries to find a new place of safety, with less satisfactory results.

I was surprised at how funny this book was - not all the way through but it had its moments. I was also surprised that the main character wasn't portrayed so much as an admirable character, and yet, in the end the reader did feel a certain amount of pity for him.
After reading it I wanted to read more of Wells books. Especially The War of the Worlds which D has read and says is very good.


Jungle Pilot. Written by Russel Hilt. Published 1997

The true story of missionary pilot Nate Saint. 

Nate was one of the missionaries who worked with Jim Elliot, the famous missionary who was killed along with four other missionaries.

I've grown up hearing about Jim Elliot, but never about the other men who were with him. When my mom first started reading this book to my brothers and I, I really started to like Nate Saint. He grew up doing many of the same things I did with my brothers. (Sleeping outside and getting rained on in the middle of the night, playing in the snow, and so forth.) Also, he was a pilot and I've always really liked pilots. I suppose, if this makes any sense, I felt as if I knew him better then Jim Elliot.

And I probably should add more, but my flu has turned into a cold and I would rather just go to bed then try and write any longer. (Hence my reason for doing to letters in one day, so I don't have to do one tomorrow and can rest when I get home from work. We haven't been busy at work for the last two months, but the week I get a cold we are short people and the town is over run with all kinds of programs and out of state kids. Which means I have to work all week. At least I will be able to get my new glasses :) Still, I am going to try and go to sleep early tonight and force myself to sleep in a little tomorrow.)

The title of this post is a line from Meet the Robinsons. William bought it for us last night and that line made me laugh.


  1. Great suggestions for good reads. My grandson is called Griffin, but perhaps he is too young to read this book, yet. . . .

  2. Invisibility is the power I always pick, too, for all the reasons you mentioned. My only concern is that I wouldn't like catching whatever folks really think of me. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  3. Nice post there. Guess we have something in common with Invisibility, If only we could have an invisibility cloak like Harry potter, life would be Sorted.