Monday, April 8, 2013

Jurassic Park

For G today I am doing a book I haven't read yet but want to. It is a book in the Oz series, Glinda of Oz. Written by Frank Baum. Published 1920. It is number 14 in the series.

I used to be a nanny and the girls I took care of liked the Wizard of Oz movie so I saw it several times. It wasn't until I was talking with a friend of mine, however, that I learned this movie was based after a long series of books. My friend really liked the books and I decided I would read them one day.

Since I discovered that my library carries them I want to start them soon. I'd also like to see the new movie which just came out. From what I have read, not a lot of people liked it, but I still think it would be enjoyable to see.
Sunday I was able to go and see Jurassic Park in 3D. Since this movie came out when I was five I didn't get to see it in theaters. The only one I did see on the big screen was the third. But the first has always been my favorite. 

Seeing it in 3D well made up for not getting to see it when it first came out. In some places the 3D looked a bit odd but I think this was because the movie wasn't originally made for it. However, it was well done and I would willingly go and see it again if I could go to the IMax. 

Afterward though, I said if I had been Grant I would have slipped that baby raptor in my pocket and taken it home. My family always says it is good I wasn't born back in those days because I would always be bringing home dinosaurs as pets.


  1. I knew there were at least two books but not a whole series! Wish I had the reading time since I loved the movie.Nancy at Welcome to she said, he said

  2. How cute! Dinosaurs as pets! :) Happy H-Z

  3. Hi, sounds like a great idea! I may be a copycat and do the same thing. Best regards to you, Ruby.

  4. The new Oz movie is great! It's really good. Though, my favorite prequel to the 'Wizard of Oz' is the musical/book "Wicked". It's my absolute favorite and it's in the process of being made into a movie.

    Haven't seen Jurrasic Park ever, but it seems interesting!


  5. I've read 12 of the 15 Baum's Oz books, and loved every one of them. Glinda of Oz, however, isn't one I've managed to track down (it's been a while since I visited the friend who owns most of the series.) My favorite of the ones I've read is Scarecrow of Oz, but a quick bit of advise - if you can track down his books The Sea Fairies and Sky-Island first, it'll make much more sense.

    Other people have since added to the series, but I haven't read any of them yet, though I have two on my kindle waiting to be read and the friend has two more.

    But, all in all, it's a great series, deserves to be counted as childhood classics, and it's one of the books that I have learned much from as I have pursued my own writing career.

  6. There were some docile dinosaurs that would have made great pets! Wouldn't mind seeing Jurassic Park in 3D. One of my faves.

    I never even knew there were as many as 14 books in the Oz series!

  7. I'd love to see Jurassic Park in 3D. The original is one of my fave movies of all time.