Tuesday, April 16, 2013

North and South


North and South. Written by Elizabeth Gaskell. Published 1855

This is the story about Margret, a girl who has grown up in the English countryside only to be moved to a factory town which is completely different from the home she has known. Caught in the middle of the mill owners and workers, able to see both sides of their bitter dispute, Elizabeth is often unsure which side to sympathize with. This is made worse when she befriends one of the mill worker girls who is dying, and makes the aquantence of John Thornton, a quiet mill owner who is doing all he can for those working for him.

Though I've not made it far into this book, I have enjoyed what I've read. When I read Pride and Prejudice, the only other period novel I've read so far, I had trouble sympathizing with the characters. North and South has proven to be different. I've become attached to all the characters, even Margret. 

 Also, I will here add that I have seen the BBC version of this book and like most girls who watched it, I really like it. :)