Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Hardy Boys

I caught the flu, again, after finally getting over it. Therefore, my thinking capacities are low today. Hopefully this post will make some sense though.


The Hardy Boys Mysteries. Written by Franklin W. Dixon (A pen name.) Published 1927-1979, I believe.

I am a bit like my  mom. I never liked the Nancy Drew Series, although I do plan to read a few more of hers to give her another chance. 
I have always enjoyed mysteries and was always looking for a good mystery series when I was a kid. I found few I actually enjoyed. The Mandie Series was too romantic for my taste. I did read Trixie Belden and really liked those. My favorites, however, were The Boxcar Children.

My mom always recommended the Hardy Boys though. Ryan owns a lot of the books so the other day I finally pulled one off this book shelf and started it. Although it isn't the most well written book I've ever read, it is a fun story and I like the brothers a lot. I could go with more character development  but these were written for kids so I guess I cannot expect much there.
Either way, I plan on reading the rest of the original series. I've even started watching the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew Mysteries from the 70's. Another suggestion from my mom.


  1. I had this exact book in hardback growing up and loved it. I liked the hardy Boys and Boxcar children as a kid...read memories for a reader at any age:)

  2. I read the Hardy Boys when I was young. It would be fun to go back and re-read them! Good review. Hope you get to feeling better soon. HUGS
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  3. I read the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Tom Swift and anything else I could get my hands on. Now I read and write. It's a good life!

    Feel better soon!

  4. OMG, this takes me back to childhood, for real! My grandmother had a whole series of The Hardy Boys books when I was growing up but I didn't make a habit of reading any of them except for maybe one...don't remember the title tho. I'm not sure if she had them for herself or if she bought them for my mom to read. Either way, I could always count on them being available around the house if I wanted to read a book. Too bad I never took advantage of that.

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