Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey. Written by Frank Peretti, published 1996.

This is the sixth book in the Cooper Kids Adventure Series. The series is an Indiana Jones style adventures, about Jay and Lila Cooper and their father, Jacob Cooper who is an Archaeologist. I like most of the books in this series with one or two being the exception.

This one isn't one of my most favorites, but I liked it well enough. It was exciting and hard to put down, and the slugs was unexpected. I think it is a shame most of the bugs Mr. Peretti has in his books don't really exist. Though they are either deadly or make you act insane, I still find them interesting.Maybe it is a good thing they don't really exist, though.

This post is shorter then the last few I've done. But I had a long day at work and would like right now to rest and watch an episode of Jeeves and Wooster while I knit. And speaking of knitting, I will have two new pairs of gloves for my shop soon! I will hopefully have them in by Friday.


  1. Good book review. I bet my grandchildren would like the Cooper Kids Series. I will have to buy some and see. :)

  2. Great blog! This book looks very interesting. I'm looking for more good kids books. Thanks for the tip.