Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book 'em, Dan-o

My mom and I were watching Hawaii Five - O after she got off work today. It is an old show from the sixties/ seventies about a police/ detective force operating in Hawaii. It centers mostly around Steve McGarett, who is head of Hawaii Five - O, and Daniel Williams, his kind of right hand man. My mom watched the show when she was younger and, when she found it on Netflix, introduced me to it.

I didn't think I'd like it at first, but I have a thing for detective shows and it has kind of grown on me. Now I will curl up on the couch beside her and laugh at the bad guys. "Ha! You won't get away from McGarett!"
I had the day off from work today so went down to take my motorcycle test. I failed it, twice. I'm going to read the book all the way through, again, tonight and then go back in the morning and try again. If I can pass it before the 15th, my birthday, I won't have to renew my driving licenses and pay for two separate licenses. For someone who only works part time, that would be nice.

I've also been trying to recover Ryan's motorcycle seat for him. There's a good reason I'm not a seamstress. And it's also a good thing I like him, because if I didn't I'd be throwing the sewing machine out the window.

I also have a new pair of my gloves for sale! I closed down my esty shop for the time being because it costs to keep it open and right now I don't really have enough to do so. However, as soon as I get things going I plan to reopen it. For now I set up a little shop on blogger which you can find by clicking here.
I will have more gloves up there soon, but right now I just have one pair. (It is late and I still have a lot of studying to do before bed.)

But before I go, here is a sneak peak at the pair I have for sale.

Now I really have to go. I forbade myself to read anything until I've read all the way through the motorcycle manual. And I'm in the middle of a good book, so the sooner I get back to studying the sooner I can finish.

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  1. I used to love Jack Lord when I was a kid. I watched that show all the time, and actually have the theme song as my ringtone on my phone! Ha!

    I didn't know it cost to have an etsy shop, other than to list things. I might need to go check mine out! Hope you passed your test!
    (coming by on the A to Z Road Trip)