Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer, at last!

Summer has finally come. Part of the reason I haven't written here in awhile. (Also, William git me a dog for my birthday so we - she and I - have been going for lots of walks. Her name is Jenni and she's a boarder collie mix with ears that look too big for her head. In other words, she's really cute.)

For my birthday I talked my brothers and mom into watching Doctor Who with me - my dad had to be out of town that day. We watched The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances and then one with 10. Ryan and my mom decided they like 9 the best. (All of the Doctors are tied as far as I'm concerned.) But I was very pleased, because by the end of those two they wanted to watch more of the show. Ryan, my mom, and I even watched some more the next night.
And then, the other day, I found out Matt Smith is leaving. I was very sad to hear this but I am curious to see who they will get next. I had some ideas of actors who I thought might pull the role off, but I'm sure the BBC crew will pick someone much better. (They've done a good job so far and they've had fifty years of practice.)

Now that I'm caught up on Doctor Who, I had a lot of fun watching him and Clara, I think I will finish Columbo - a show from the 60's or 70's about a detective. I've also considered watching Hawaii Five-O all the way through. I've only caught a couple of the episodes with my mom.

That is if I can make myself sit still long enough to watch anything. Whenever it gets warm out I tend to have trouble keeping inside. If I do anything that requires sitting down I usually take a book outside to read while I lay on our swing. 

And now I need to go. I have work soon, then afterward I'm going by the courthouse to see if I can get someone to come and look at my motorcycle. (Once that is done I should be able to get the title done and ride it maybe the beginning of next week!) Then tonight Ryan is going with me to look at a car, so it will be a busy day - though fun.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! A dog is a very nice present.

    I was sorry to hear Matt was leaving Doctor Who but am very eager to find out who the next Doctor will be. I really want Benedict Cumberbatch to play him....

    Isn't Clara fun? And I was ecstatic to see River Song back in the last episode. (She is one of my favorite companions.)

    I haven't seen Columbo but I'd like to sometime. I think my mom watched Hawaii Five-O years ago.

    Reading a book while lying on a swing is, in my opinion, one of the BEST summer activities ever!

    I definitely recommend Monster. It isn't the sort of book I normally read either but I am so glad I gave it a chance. I LOVE it to pieces.