Sunday, July 21, 2013

A summery of my job

Some of my work experiences.

I work at my local Burger King. When I first started I didn't think I'd like it at all. People get so grumpy when it comes to food and I don't handle grumpy people well. But when you've been looking for a job for four or so months and you are finally given one you don't complain.

It took me a couple weeks, but I realized I really loved my job. It had its downsides, but all but one of my managers was nice - and since then I've even made some friends and the not so nice manager was fired. 

I am on a morning/ lunch shift which means I've gotten to know some of the older men who like to come in for coffee and swap war and politic stories. Right now it is as close as I can get to working in a cafe, one of my dream jobs.

But since starting, I've run into a lot of interesting mishaps. Most of them involve the costumers, but some are with my fellow coworkers or managers.

There are certain kinds of costumers. You get those who just care about their food. These are the workers who come in for lunch. They don't care about swapping small talk. All they want is to place their order and eat and leave. They're usually friendly, but don't mess up their order or they will spend the rest of their visit glaring at everyone in a Burger King uniform.

You get the moms who come with their ten children. Most moms will ask the kids nearest them what they want, but the kids will be too busy drooling over the play area so the mom usually gives up and orders as mass of chicken nuggets.

Every now and then you get the bickering couple. They stand a few feet from the counter and hiss at each other in low voices, then come and order and are friendly as I take their order while refusing to look at each other. Thankfully, these don't come in often.

Some of the best ones are the older couples who use terms of endearment or who, when asked if they are together, say things like, "I hope so! We've been together for fifty years!" I love these couples, and every now and then they will use a reference I get. One man used a Get Smart reference from the old TV show.

There are two kinds of costumers who are hard to put up with those. The first is the one who will get on his phone the moment it is his turn to order. And he will talk to whoever is on the other line while trying to tell you what he wants. And, since he glares if you speak, you have to do a lot of guess work. (Note for all reading this. Order, then call. It makes life easier.)

The all time worse though is the smoochy costumers. They stand in line with their arms wrapped around each other, stroking each other's hair, and kissing as often as they wink. And when they order they will keep gazing at each other and smooching. It's nice to see people in love, but I'm still to the point where I close my eyes during kissing in movies. I can do without couples smooching while standing a few inches in front of me. 

And now, I think I shall get back to my book

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  1. It sounds like you have a very interesting job. I enjoyed your descriptions of the types of customers you see.