Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I have nine webpages open at the moment and am pouring through them, trying to learn the difference between databases and websites. It isn't as easy as I feel it should be. I am thinking part of the trouble behind this is the fact that not all nine webpages are research. Two of them are youtube.
At the moment I don't really feel like doing more homework. My family and I went for an eight hour Sunday drive and I did a bad thing for someone with IBS, I didn't eat lunch and took nothing to snack on. By the time we stopped to eat I had been without food in my stomach for nine hours, so right now I am too sick to sit upright. Tomorrow I am putting together an emergency food pack, which I will leave near the door and grab on my way out whenever we go anywhere.

In a couple of weeks I should be getting the rest of the money from the grant which I got for school. I am going to save most of it, lock it up somewhere for a time when I will really need it, but I am thinking of taking a little of it and buying a nice camera. I don't want a fancy one as I don't ever plan to become a professional photographer - I will leave all of that to William - but I would like one which takes better quality photos than the one I currently have. If I decide to do this I am going to get William's help in finding one since he knows more about cameras than I do.

I've been impressing a lot of people at my job. Every time I ride up on my motorcycle, I can actually call it mine now as the title is now in my name, I get stares from all my co-workers and the older gentlemen who come in for morning coffee. I've made a friend of one of said gentleman, he was asking me all kinds of questions about the motorcycle. 
One co-worker, a man who is over six feet tall, is especially awed by my riding skills. At least, he was until he saw me back out of a parking space and realized my "skills" have much to be desired. The motorcycle is bigger than I am, a feat which doesn't take much work, and I have to wear boots with an inch sole on them. Even so, when I have to back it out of something I wobble and tip until I am in danger of dropping the bike on myself. My boss, afore mentioned co-worker, and one of the cooks got to watch this the other day as I was leaving work. Hopefully I brought them a small amount of amusement.

I think I should end this now, seeing as there has been no point to this post whatsoever and I have some English I could be working on - and some databases to find.

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