Friday, September 6, 2013

Girl's night

This has been me lately. 

Only with math.

Also this.

If the mouse pad were a math problem.

I am sure there is something in it, somewhere, deeply buried, which is supposed to make sense. I just have yet to find it. I have come up with a method though. I only do an hour of math a day. Any more than that and I feel stressed and I get the urge to go outside and beat something with a hammer. No, not a human. A log would work though.

Tonight, however, math is done. Homework is done for the weekend. My Latin has been studied and I'm ready to begin my test on Monday. Tonight, I am forgetting all about school. I am forgetting all about doctors, another subject on my mind as I got my last doctor bill. 
This sums up my reaction well.

I've also had trouble getting the medication I am supposed to be taking, but might have figured something else out.

Tonight, my dad and brothers are heading to Caspar to help my uncle tomorrow. Tonight, my mom and I, and Jenni, are locking ourselves in the house, staying up as late as we want, piling snacks on the table, and having a Hawaii Five-O marathon. Yes, another one. It had twelves seasons. And we realized we missed some from the first seasons, which makes me happy. I miss Danny. The actor left the show after season eleven so I've had to go a whole season without him. Depressing. Kimo is cool, but he is no Danny.

Tomorrow we are planning on walking into town and going to a little shoppe which sells old fashioned dresses, it is our favourite to visit. 

And that is my exciting news, or lack thereof.

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  1. I agree... somewhere, far down in math... it makes sense. I don't even try to understand how it makes sense anymore, I just memorize the formula and answer the questions. It just frustrates me otherwise.
    Good luck on your Latin test! And have fun with your Hawaii Five-O marathon - sounds like fun! And with your dress shopping. It sound like a great shop.