Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Car Adventures

I've been meaning to sit down and do a post in awhile. Every time I go to do it though I remember some homework I forgot so I do that instead. I only have four classes, I don't know how they've managed to keep me so busy.

My mom went to visit her parents for a week. This means I have to balance two jobs, school, and somehow find time to cook and clean. I don't mind the cleaning, but I stink as a cook. With IBS I have to be careful what I eat and I stick to the basics most of the time. When I do cook it is usually fish and rice. But my dad and brothers would not be happy to live off fish and rice for a full week. Which means I'm having to cook actual meals, not just toast an English muffin. I'm starting to feel like Helen from the Andy Griffith Show.
"Oh no, I'm a terrible cook."
"Well, gosh, what will you feed your husband?"
"I guess he'll have to settle for frozen dinners."
I've been doing okay so far, but this is only my third day of it. I can't wait for her to get back. She's so much better in the food department.

This whole week, and the end of last, have been insane. I caught a case of the flu the middle of last week and got behind on some school assignments. I tried to catch up on them over the weekend, but every time I went to do them something came up which demanded I drop everything.
Saturday's incident had me stuck at work when my car refused to start. Of course my dad and brothers were in Cheyenne and wouldn't be home for a few more hours. One of my managers tried to help me get it started - banging the starter with a wrench - but it still refused. He, my manager, finally offered to just give me a ride home.
I hate car rides, especially if it is with people I don't know that well. I know my manager pretty well, I wouldn't call us friends but we are friendly and have fun working together, but the ride was still awkward. Thankfully he did a lot of the talking and I was able to just sit there and try not to say anything stupid. Since then my car has been running beautifully. I think Ryan threatened it.

Monday I worked again. When I left the house it was freezing out, but slowly warmed up before for huge snowflakes to fall. They were big, fluffy, and looked like something out of the movies. My head manager was delighted. She's from Utah and mocks our snow, claiming it isn't snow but iced over water. (She's not that far off.) She said the snow we got on Monday is what they get all winter long in Utah. I was ready to move.
Since it was so slow that day another manager and I - there are always managers at work. This one wasn't the one who helped with my car. But, as I was saying, we stood by the window and gawked at the snow because it was that pretty.
Work didn't pick up, not even around lunch. I was allowed to go home early, which made me happy because of the pile of homework. I also had to run to the store, but with all the extra time from getting off early I figured I'd have everything done before that evening.
I forgot who I am.
While coming out of the store I realized I didn't have my key in my pocket. I hurried to the car, hoping I hadn't locked it. No such luck. Not only had I locked my key in but also my cell phone. It got better. I don't know anyone's phone number but my mom's so couldn't get a hold of my dad or brothers.
Desperate to not walk home in the cold, I tried to force the window down. I got it a crack but not enough to get my arm all the way in and reach the lock. I did get it enough to reach the key, if I had had a long pole like object.
Rushing back into the store, I began to hunt for something which would work when one of the employees asked if he could help me find anything. I told him what I was looking for and when he looked confused explained what had happened.
Going into the back, he returned with two short poles, certain we could hock the lock with one of them. We couldn't because of the way the lock was put in. He then tried to push the window down further but it refused to budge. Finally, he decided to try and hold the window down while I stuck my arm in with the pole and pulled the lock. I don't know how, but we managed. I came away with a bruised arm, which is still really tender, but I haven't minded. It beat walking home!

I need to end this now. I have all of my homework caught up, and then some, but still lots to do. Thankfully my mom will be back on Saturday.

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