Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trouble in the Tomb

It is the 5th day into NaNoWriMo and I am at 5,248 words. According to the site, I'm behind, but I'm certain I can get caught up quickly. There is no school today which means I have the whole day free to write. Write and take Jenni out to play in the snow.

I've been having a lot of fun with my book. I'm getting to know the characters better and have four chapters done, which is more progress then I've made in the last couple years.

I thought it would be fun to post a few bits and pieces that I've already written.

 “Dr. Marshall?” The first man to speak was older, maybe in his fifties. He had a neatly trimmed, gray beard, matching gray hair, and deep wrinkles around his eyes. He almost looked like Indiana Jones' dad.
Standing in front of him, the only thing Nate could think to say was, “It's just Nate.”
The man smiled and the wrinkles deepened. He held out his hand and Nate shook it, since mafia usually didn't shake hands. “Nathaniel or Nathan?” the man asked.

Nate could only stare at him in mute panic. His mind was blank. He knew his last name was Marshall and his middle name Carter. He knew he was the son of Archaeologists Jay and Kayra Marshall. He knew he'd just spent the last two years of his life in a small town in Wyoming. He knew he was eighteen and had only one sibling. But for the life of him he couldn't remember what Nate was short for.

 “Mummies?” Dr. Kempis demanded. “Why mummies? What made you want to talk about mummies?” His voice shook and his face turned white. Nate wasn't sure if he should answer him or get him a glass of water.
Because Jessie read the end of my book to me and she hasn't seen Tomb of the Dragon Emperor yet.”

 “Oh, it is you two,” she said in such a cheerful way Nate couldn't take it as an insult. “I'm afraid I forgot my manners earlier. My name is Fanny Armitage.”
Nathaniel Marshall.” Now that he remembered what Nate was short for he planned to always introduce himself by using his full name. “And this is my sister, Jer-”
Jessie almost fell out of her chair. “Jessie, Nate! Jessie!”
Right, Jessie. Jessie Marshall.” He forgot, Jessie didn't like her full name.
If Fanny was bothered by Jessie's panic attack she had the British manners to hide it. “Pleased to meet you Nathaniel and Jessie.”
Just when he thought he'd outsmarted his name problems another showed up. “You can just call me Nate.” It didn't seem nice, asking people to call him Nathaniel. It took too much time. It was easier to shout Nate, and it felt like half of his life was spent with someone shouting his name at him.

 “I'm Nathaniel Marshall, but you can call me Nate.”

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