Monday, December 2, 2013

The End Of NaNoWriMo And Other News

I somehow survived NaNoWriMo. I meant to post all throughout it and keep updates on how I was doing but between that and school I didn't have time. But I like my new rough draft, even though I didn't finish the book. I'm still working on it though so should have it completed soon. I'm going to write on it a little every day so I don't get out of practice.

In other news, I've almost finished my first semester of school. I've enjoyed it, though I did flunk math, which I am disappointed about. I can't grasp fractions, and now must retake it. I am hoping for better results next semester.

I'm looking into universities for next year. I found one in New Mexico which I am really hoping works out, but right now am just working on getting my math grade up and praying about where I should go next. 
Knowing more of what to expect, I am excited for this upcoming semester more than I was for the first one. I will be taking a history on Mexico and another English class - I really like this teacher and enjoyed her class and this other one she's doing sounded even more fun. More along the lines of creative writing. I'll also be doing Algebra again, but those are the only three I'm taking. I'll do public speaking and more languages at whichever university I end up at, if I end up in any. (I'm going to try and do some Latin over the summer as well as Hieroglyphs.)

Whenever I go to make a blog entry I realize how incredibly dull my life sounds, which I think I've even mentioned before, if that goes to prove my point. I do what I consider exciting things, but they make for less exciting posts.
Such as Jenni and I going for walks at the park and tip toeing across the ice because we weren't sure where it was thin and where it was thick. Neither of us fell in, until she realized she could jump on the very edges of it and crack it. She got her paws wet but loves the cold so much she thought it was the best thing to happen that week and had to do it a few more times.
The other day William was playing with his wallet and pulled twenty dollars out of it, so Jenni walked over, snatched it out of his hand, and brought it over to me. At this rate I won't need a job anymore, I'll just let my dog go out and get money for me.

I think I've turned into one of those nutty dog lovers who talk about their dog all the time. Pretty much the only time I post on Facebook is to talk about her - not that anyone really cares what is on Facebook anymore. Mostly people just post links no one ever reads.

I should get off the computer now though. I have an incredibly boring book to read for school and should stop wasting time online pretending it isn't there. 

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