Monday, January 6, 2014

Cabins and Holidays

A Merry late Christmas and a Happy not so late New Years. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

I enjoyed mine. It was nice to have a break from school, though I am ready to start next week. I will be doing a Mexican history this semester which I am really looking forward to. And I am taking another English class. I really liked the last one and this one is done by the same teacher, only it has to do with more creative writing. So, on top of counting as a second writing class in most universities, it will be a lot of fun as I like creative writing.

I didn't finish Trouble in the Tomb like I was hoping on doing during my break. I am really close to having it done, only a few more chapters, I just didn't have a lot of time to sit down and write. I guess that is what happens around Christmas. Everyone thinks they will have a lot of extra time but spend it all on wrapping gifts, buying gifts, baking, cleaning, and decorating. All of which I did have fun doing. Then, to add to all of the celebrating, both of my brothers have birthdays the two weeks after Christmas.

To celebrate, we took them up to a lodge and spent two nights in a cabin. It was a great cabin and I meant to get lots of pictures - but I dropped my camera the other day and I think I broke it, which is a huge tragedy. I am very annoyed with myself for not being more careful. But you will just have to take my word for it, the cabin was very nice. And it was in front of a mountain, so we got to wake up to a snow covered peak. I wanted to climb it but the boys wanted to snowmobile ride so we spent most of our time doing that. (Which was a lot more fun this trip than has ever been for me before. My feet get cold really easily but I found boots that are supposed to keep warm up to below forty weather and they actually worked! I'm impressed and am a bit in love with them.)
I did take my cross country skis and skied a bit. I even attempted to ski down a hill, promptly fell over and twisted my ankle. It did give me some ideas for more Adventure into the Unknown books so it was all worth it.

I keep telling myself I should finish book one before I plan more, but it never works out. Nate and Jessie are very persistent and, if they had their way, would want me to write all of their adventures down tonight. I don't think I would mind too much, they are fun adventures to write.

That is about it. The extent of my holidays. Except for when we got back home from the cabin and found our heater had blown out and it was thirty in the house and there was frozen water in the sink - but in my family that is really nothing new.

What did all of you for Christmas and New Years? Get anything done you'd hoped on?

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