Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Car

This week has been one of those crazy ones were everything I had planned has fallen apart. I've managed to keep up on my schooling and my study of Latin and Egyptian Hieroglyphs - both subjects I am studying on my own - but my fencing and archery has kind of slipped. Also, my bow dried out and I've not been able to shoot it for fear I would end up breaking it. I got oil the other day though, so hopefully will have it working by next week.
On top of that, the sewing machine I bought isn't working and being the clever person I am, I threw away the receipt..Ryan thinks he might be able to fix it.
I've started banjo practice again. I found a set of videos on Youtube which have helped me out a lot. (For one of my birthdays my dad helped me build a banjo. I will have to remember to get pictures. He's really great with wood and it turned out wonderfully. It is a lot of fun to play too.) I am learning a forward, backwards roll on it right now. It is kind of like a broken cord for those who know a bit about music. I am getting better at it, but there is still a lot of groaning involved whenever I hit the wrong string.

I mentioned in my last post that I almost had Trouble in the Tomb finished. Well, it is now complete! It is at about 60,000 words, so it won't be a long book, but it is a children's series so I don't think they're meant to be long. I am hoping that, if I get my Latin, fencing, and history done in time, I can write a few pages in the second book. I've put the first book aside for now and will begin editing maybe in a month or two.

My biggest bit of news right now is the car I bought yesterday! I am excited. I own a car, it is a '76 Benz, really cool looking. But the engine is dead in it. My dad and brothers are going to help me put a new one in, but the car I was borrowing died. For the last few weeks my brothers have been driving me to classes, my two jobs, and the other things I do. It was taking too much gas and time out of their jobs. So I decided to use some of my grant to by a little car I could drive around town and sell later. About a day or two after I decided this I found a '97 Chevy for sell. Not my dream car, but it runs and I love it. It means I don't have to be late for jobs when my brothers forget me :). It also means Jenni and I can go to the park for our walks again.

I should go now. I have another chapter in history to read.

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