Saturday, December 13, 2014


With NaNoWriMo passed - I updated my book page! - I've been enjoying the Christmas season. Lights all around town have been going up, the evenings are cold and call for a fire, and I am preparing to pull out all of our traditional Christmas movies. (A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Christmas Story, Jingle All the Way, Earnest Saves Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and The Grinch that Stole Christmas.) I am also hoping that this year, my mom and I can finally get around to watching White Christmas. 

I do enjoy the Christmas holiday. The only sorrow with it this year is the days have been incredibly nice, with not even a hint of snow. It feels like spring outside. The middle girl I nanny and myself spent a few minutes each time I'm over complaining about the lack of snow. A spring Christmas is not really what we are hoping for. 

I have been going through some of those life changes which are never exciting to muddle through but which always lead to better things - most of the time at least. When Christmas is over I want to begin serious work on getting my first book ready to be published. I also wish to take more classes at the college in town, while I look into other colleges which will offer more programs for Archaeology. I also am making plans to go back to the dig I attended this summer. I'm also working a new job! No more Burger King. For the time being I am a housekeeper at the Fairfield Inn, which is also where my mom works in the breakfast area.

That all turned into a boring life update. I'm going to make an effort at doing better with blogging, especially because of my publishing plans. But I will work on that later. Next week. For now, I got the update out of the way, such as it is. And this is were I will end this post. 

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