Thursday, December 18, 2014

Missing summer

The cold December weather has set in. It gets up to the thirties during the day and tens or lower at night. Usually this doesn't bother me. I've grown up with long, bitterly cold winters, but for some reason I've felt like an ice cube this year. I have also been unable to adjust to the early darkness. 

I think the biggest reason I have been unable to adjust is because my summer was so odd. Not counting the dig, I didn't do much. I spent half the summer back south where it was too hot to go outside. I did manage one camping trip and some hiking trips with Jenni but not like what we usually do. Then in the fall my family was hit with a bad flu. 

I love winter. I love snowboarding and going for walks by the river and sledding. I guess I just like winter  more when I've gotten my fill of summer in.

With all of that out of the way there is always Christmas. I don't live in Narnia, at least not the Narnia ruled by the White Witch. We might have long months of winter but we still get Christmas.

There is also sweet apricot tea with milk.

Warm, homemade bread - which I've begun making. I'm not much of a baker, but I have somehow managed to scrap something that tastes like bread.

Heated blankets. I love my heated blanket. My room gets so cold at night I would be lost without it. I'd also be lost without Jenni who curls up on my feet.

So in spite of missing summer winter hasn't been all that bad. I've been reading, I bought a copy of Unbroken the other day and am reading the Red Baron's autobiography. There is another plus for winter, roaring fires and good books. I could also add writing, but I have been taking a little bit of a break since NaNoWriMo ended.

That is all. At least for now

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