Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Since it is the Sixth I figured it was about time I thought up some resolutions. I never come up with many. 

I've taken up jogging this last year and I want to continue. There is a river walk in town, I'd like to at least be able to jog half of it by this time next year.

Bike into town. Since my summer was so strange this year I didn't get much done, including biking. I really missed it. I want to go on at least one bike trip into town and one down the river walk.

Go camping more than twice. Four or five times would be great, but either way it shouldn't be hard to beat last year's record.

Get in one all day hiking trip. Jenni will love this one.

I also plan on reading more. Again, this shouldn't be hard to do, since last year's record wasn't that high. I have some books already planned out. Knowing me though, I might try one book a month, this will be 12 by next year. Not a huge number, but better then 2014. (Also, I have plans to go back to school, so there will be text books, and I don't want a huge reading list to get in the way.)

I intend on publishing as well. I'm looking into some options and will begin editing Trouble in the Tomb soon. This should be fun.

Like I said, I never make a long resolution list. And this one is especially short. A lot might be happening this coming year. I'd like to return to the dig again, but I will also probably be moving. I have to plan for that, which will take time. I don't want to pile too much on myself yet.

And now I shall end this post like all the others. Just pushing publish and getting on with life. 

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