Sunday, February 1, 2015

My two week cleanse

I feel like I finally have a good reason for being gone so long between posts.

About two years ago now I went to the doctor and got a bunch of tests done. I've been sick on and off for about three or four years, and I've always caught everything from colds to flu. The doctor told me I had IBS which could be controlled through diet. I was careful what I ate after that but only got worse. Now in debt and no better than when I'd gone, I started home remedies. I continued to eat healthy, I took up jobbing, and did all I could to get healthy. It worked for a little while and for most of last summer I felt great. 

When winter hit I caught a nasty flu which was going around. That was around Thanksgiving. Since then I've been getting worse, even though the flu has long since gone, and for about two weeks I could barely eat anything. I knew something was really wrong though because, only nibbling some fruit and veggies throughout the day, I wasn't loosing weight.

Not wishing to go back to the doctor just yet, my mom talked to a friend who put me in contact with her mother. Her mom listened to what has been going on and said she believed it had to do with gluten. For the past week I've been on a home cleanse. She said if it was gluten I'd get horribly sick from the cleanse because that meant it was working in getting everything bad out of my system.

Living off cabbage, carrots, dark green vegetables, apples, almonds, and sunflower seeds I got really sick just like she thought I might. I have one week left to go, then I can start eating something other than cabbage and seeds with no gluten from now on.

I love gluten things. I love muffins and soft bread from the oven, and I'm not crazy about the gluten free substitutes. However, I am so tired of being sick, exhausted, with aching legs and new headaches on top of that I am willing to give up gluten if it means feeling human.

And that is why I have been absent. The cleanse has drained me and left me feeling miserable. But its working. And week two doesn't seem to be as bad as week two. And I am looking forward to a nice chicken breast when all of this is over.

This week though, since I am feeling better than last, I plan to being editing Trouble in the Tomb and looking into marketing. I am excited and nervous about publishing. I have decided to self publish as I am mostly just doing this for fun. Should be exciting to see how it all turns out!

And I am going to end there. It is Sunday evening, and I want to enjoy some more reading before the work week starts up tomorrow. 

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  1. I'm sorry you get so sick! But I'm glad that you've found out what's wrong. Gluten is a problem for lots of people, it seems like... increasingly more so in the past few years. It has something to do with what they spray on the wheat after it's picked, I think. There are some really great gluten-free recipes, though (especially in the brownie department). My mom has a friend who had the same thing as you—sick all the time and headaches—and when she went off wheat, it all went away. I hope it works for you too!