Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Interview by Abbey

I was interviewed once again! Look at me, attempting to market and everything.

Again, so sorry for the horrible formatting background color. I still haven't figured out how to fix that.

The interview was held by Abbey Grace at Dolls, Books, and Things that matter

1. Tell us about yourself!
  My real name is Heather. I've done Evy as a pen name, partly just for fun and partly for publishing reasons. I've been writing since I was young and have come to enjoy it, probably as much as I like scaling mountain sides and nearly breaking my neck. One must have a bit of excitement in their life after all.

2. What is your book about and when will it be available?
 My book is about two siblings and a mummy curse. (Or at least a mummy which wishes to pass off his midnight wanderings as a curse.) Nate travels to Egypt as an Archaeologist and takes his younger sister Jessie with him.The idea was for Nate to help complete a dig on a tomb before he starts working for his new boss, Jeremy Huddleson. Instead, they end up trying to fight off a mummy and solve the mystery behind his nighttime walks. 
 I have yet to pick a date to release it, but I am hoping for this summer. I'm currently editing it and sending it to editors. 

3. What first got you interesting in Archaeology?
 This series of books actually. I wanted to write an adventure series and made Nate an Archaeologist to give him a reason to travel the world. However, to make it work I had to learn about Archaeology and my long love of history caught on fast and I became fascinated with the profession. Ancient things and dirt, what more could one ask for in a job?

4. Have you ever been on a dig yourself?
 Last summer I went on my first dig and loved every moment of it. I volunteered at a Spanish fort which the natives had burned down. The first pole was discovered while I was there, which I was extremely pleased about.

5. What are some of your favorite stories that feature Archaeologists?
 The Mummy. I'm not exactly sure why as curse stories tend to just bug me, if the curse in the story is real. I never mind if it is a hoax later discovered. But for some reason I love The Mummy. I also really like Crocodile on the Sandbank which is a really fun book. I can add to my list The Cooper Kid Adventures and all but the second Indiana Jones movie, which I just watch for fun from time to time.

6. Do you wear a brown fedora?
  Oh yes, I do. I bought it as something of a joke, since when I mention the fact I am studying Archaeology most people will bring up Indiana Jones. I figured I might as well get the hat. I've become attached to it though and wear it often.

7. Where can we find you online?
 This is the blog I have set up. And I am pleased to finally say I have a Goodreads author page.

 Thank you so much for the interview Abbey! I had fun!

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