Friday, April 10, 2015

The Beach

Spring feels like it has finally arrived. I say that warily since every time I've done it before it has snowed. I still have to wear my jacket most of the day, but the weather is warming up. I even left my boots behind and wore my sandals all day.

I have an interview I should have ready to post next week. I just haven't gotten around to answering the questions yet. With the weather warm I spend a good deal of time outside. Yesterday I went on a two hour walk down the beach. I always forget how much I love long stretches of sand with waves lapping up against it.

I was so good on top of that! I took my camera and got a couple of pictures!

Yes, I get to walk here anytime I want. And yes, I might be bragging about that a bit. I'm very pleased with this new discovery though. I've spent so much time in the mountains, surrounded by trees, I'm thrilled with the openness.

I've also been doing good things. (Not reading, I was trying to settle on a new book.) I've been working on signing up for another college class! I found an Archaeology class so I am really hoping that one works out.

I'd try and write more, but dinner is soon. And I should get those interview questions answered and decide if I want to go on a bike ride tomorrow or a long walk. This could take all night since I'm such an indecisive person.

The end.

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