Sunday, May 17, 2015


Two days ago I celebrated my twenty eighth birthday. My first birthday away from my family.

I was excited for my birthday but I wasn't. I felt homesick almost the whole day. It helped that I worked in the morning, and then got to call my mom. Ryan also called and my dad and I texted all day. It wasn't horrible overall and by evening I was even starting to enjoy it.

My roommates threw me a party. They made a tasty gluten free cake. It had the texture of a giant cookie and was so delicious. We had a meal of fish and chips and watched The Adventures of Tintin, Secret of the Unicorn. If I had any complaint about the day it would be the fact it snowed. I should  be use to the snow on my birthday by now, it has happened almost every birthday as long as I can remember. I plan to make up for it by going to the beach when it warms up and playing in the sand all day with Jenni.

I am excited for this new year in my life. I want to get out and do things. Things I've always been too shy to do. I plan on going on at least one dig this summer, two if I can manage. And I'd like to visit the ocean, something I never dreamed of doing on my own.

I'm nervous and I still get homesick, but I'm determined not to hide in the apartment all the time. I will get out and explore and try new things. Even if they are scary at first.


  1. Happy birthday! *throws confetti*
    Also, good for you for trying new things. :) The worry preceding a New Thing is always the worst, but when you set your mind to the task and just do it, it never seems as bad afterwards. At least, that's how it is for me.

  2. Being homesick is no fun *sends lots of hugs* I will pray for you lots! digs sound fun and i hoe you get to do at least a couple! I wish you lots of luck with this new year and i send lots of prayers!

    A walk on a beach sounds fun. So does a hike. hiking is fun

  3. I don't like it when people are homesick and sad on their birthdays. *eyeballs you* Next year will be more fun...???


    Love ya.