Thursday, September 24, 2015

Life hit me

I feel very confused about life right now.

None of it has been horrible. Just big changes which seemed to have happened with no warning whatsoever and left me breathless. I am still trying to catch up and not sure I can for a while longer.

I tried to sign up for college. I worked really hard at it. Tried to get all the paperwork filled out, but at the last minute my transcripts didn't come through. Without them the new college would make me take the assessment over, and I didn't have time for it and still sign up on time. Since I was agitated and stressing some I decided to work on getting my transcripts over the fall and sign up for classes in January. I'm disappointed but it has worked out for the best.

I got a job as a nanny, and a month later lost it. The mom liked me, she said, but she didn't think I was the right fit for her two kids. I am sad to leave, I'd started to get attached to the kids, but I trust God has something else in mind for me.

I finally found the trail which has an Archaeological dig going on it near here. I just need to get in contact with those working it to see if I can volunteer for it. 

When I write all of that down it seems so trivial and I don't understand how it could have taken so much time and energy out of live lately. I feel completely drained and in need of a weekend and lots of sleep. I even slipped on my reading which I'm sad about as I was making really good progress and doing a good job with it. 

All of this has taken place in only a month, but it feels much longer. 

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