Sunday, October 11, 2015


Last Saturday Jenni and I took a long hike up into the mountains. We followed a dried up river which we'd walked beside in the spring. (It had water in it in the spring but because of the drought there were only patches of water this time. The day wasn't hot but Jenni still welcomed the patches were she could get drinks and lay in the water.)

I wanted to walk as far up the dried riverbed as possible to find its source. But I'd gone up alone and an hour or two into the hike Jenni began to growl. Jenni is quiet for a dog. She doesn't bark or growl unless something is wrong. While camping one summer a wolf ran through our campsite and that was the first time I'd heard her bark. Because of her growl last week I knew something had to be in the trees.

At this point we'd left the path far behind us and were somewhat isolated in the trees. None of the hikers we'd passed earlier had come up that far into the treeline. Added to this, there weren't many out because of the colder weather.

While I am always on the hunt for adventure I try not to take unnecessary risks when I know there is one. We did walk on a little further while I kept a sharp eye out for any movement, but we didn't go too far before we turned back to the path.

The forest is inhabited by coyotes and bears. Jenni has seen coyotes before and even chases after them. I don't think the thing she growled out was a coyote only because she didn't try and run after it. If anything I think it was a bear.

On the way back down the mountain I stopped to get a few pictures. 

I forgot I had my camera on a high color setting. It picked up all the green in the trees and the blue in the lake.

A more natural color

I really love the area around here. I have been mulling over the idea of moving down to Reno since I lost my job here. But the more I think about it the more I dislike the idea. I love being in the mountains, being able to walk down the road and go up hiking. It is peaceful up there, and the lake is just another welcoming plus.

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