Monday, October 26, 2015

NaNoWriMo and Book Three for the Marshalls

NoNoWriMo is coming. With the weather turning cold here I am more than ready to snuggle up at my desk and follow my favorite family on another of their adventures. (This one involves pirates and cannons. Also a new character, Jack Patterson. I did a page about him on my book blog, the link is on my side bar.)

I'm looking forward to NaNo. I do every year. It's a great time for book writing. At the end of summer adventures, and even fall ones since October is usually warm enough to get in a few final hikes and camping trips, and just before Christmas - since no one wants to write during the Christmas holidays.

It always helps if it snows during November. While I love going out in the snow it is hard to stay out in it all day. A couple hours and I'm always ready for hot chocolate and a spot at my desk. Sadly, I don't think we will be getting snow here in November. At least not during the first part. I could be wrong, but the weather hasn't hinted at it yet. I hope it will soon even though I don't have my snowboard or my skis here yet. Or snow boots...

Before NaNo starts I am trying to finish a WWII journal I've been reading for the past two months. It was kept by a journalist who spent the beginning of the war in Germany, reporting on all he saw. It's not a horrible story, just kind of dull at times and therefore hard to get through. I've not hated reading it, but I don't want to still be reading it during NaNo.

That's the reason I've gotten so far behind in reading. I've been struggling through this one. Once I finish it the first Jurassic Park book is on my list. (I started it a while ago. I tend to skim all of the Evolution mentions and just read it for the dinosaurs.)

And that is all I have to say right now. Have a wonderful day!

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