Thursday, January 7, 2016

Murdered Twice

The Forgotten Coast of Florida contains the most beautiful beaches in the world. It also hides a secret. A viscous murder causes the area to lock doors; staying inside away from the glory of nature. Delicious Tupelo honey, the most desirable of the golden nectars, silently gathers in hives. Locals collect it lovingly as did ancestors before. Gulf County Detective, Sue Gibbs, also gathers something of worth. Slowly, she chips at family and friends as she gathers information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator. Even the revered ladies of the Panhandle Patriots, who know well secrets of the area, are not beyond scrutiny. These special ladies silently discover mysteries on yellowing sheets of crumbled paper from earlier generations. Detective Gibbs will find the killer regardless of consequences. This case will cause discussion for future residents. All of this waits for discovery on the Forgotten Coast.
Blurb taken from Goodreads.

I didn't know what to expect of this book when I was asked to read and review it. I like mysteries so I hoped I'd enjoy it, though I've had a bad experience with newer mysteries. I tend to stick to the classics for this reason.

Murdered Twice surprised me on how much I ended up enjoying it.

What I liked:
The characters.
There were many characters in this book but I never felt confused over who was who. Everyone had their own unique personality. I ended up loving many of the characters I didn't think I would, and not trusting others I thought I'd love when I first met them. I thoroughly enjoy it when this happens in books. It keeps the book exciting and unexpected, and in mysteries it is much better as the usual list of suspects becomes uncertain and you can never be sure if you are suspecting the right person.

I also liked the flow of the story. It was from a third person point of view, as if they author were seeing everything and telling the reader. Sometimes this view point doesn't work, but in this book it was wonderful. I was pulled into the story and didn't want to leave.

What I disliked:
There were few things to dislike. There was more telling in the book than showing, and normally this bothers me, but for some reason it worked. I also liked the tie up of the mystery and how unexpected it was. I would say which book it reminded me of but that would be a spoiler so I will keep that to myself.

The book can be found on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
I was sent the book to read and write an honest review. 

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