Monday, January 18, 2016

My new plans

With the start of the new year I thought it might be time to not only make goals but also allow myself to believe I can accomplish them. There have been things I've always secretly dreamed of doing, or more openly dreamed of. The things I've been more open about I've never done anything about because I was told I wouldn't be able to or couldn't afford the cost to learn them. It seemed like it might be time to try my best. If they don't work out so be it, but at least I'll know that I took the time to pursue it.

Of course, anyone who has read this blog has likely picked up on the fact I love Archaeology. And I don't mean the Indiana Jones kind or the Mummy kind - though I do watch the movies. I like The Mummy best. Don't get me wrong, I love adventure. Stick me in life and death situations, crawling through tombs, getting chased by some treasure seekers, maybe even a rolling stone and I wouldn't complain. But that's not what I talk about when I say Archaeology. I'm talking about the slow, careful work. The digging in the dirt under the hot sun, or racing storm clouds that will dump rain on you and drown the site - the race against the clock to uncover as much as you can before you have to tarp the site back up and wait for the rain to pass. I mean the kind of Archaeology where you spend days, weeks, months, and even years on your hands and knees brushing aside dirt with a paint brush.

I've mentioned before my desire to take classes on Archaeology, this last year didn't work out. I even tried to sign up for a a winter class but that didn't work any better. Next is to try for spring, but the college here seems determined to not let me in. I decided not to let this stop me. I want to learn more about Archaeology this year, as well as go on another dig, and I'll do that with or without classes. I am looking into some online ones from different colleges.

I'm going to pick my flute up again. I've not played it in far too long, and I was making good progress with it before I stopped. I've started to study Hieroglyphs as well as Archery. I want to learn to shot a bow like they were originally shot. I'm going to work on my drawings as well, and not listen to my insecurities about how I feel I'm a horrible artist and should give it up. 

Another thing I'm going to work on getting better at is my calligraphy, and of course photography. I want to start traveling this year and take pictures - though I want to get better at them. I've gotten a book I've been reading to learn a few more fine points.

The biggest thing though I'm still extremely excited about. I bought a book on piloting, I thought I'd read on it and see if it were even possible for me to someday get the chance to fly. It's been a life long dream. I don't mean commercial piloting, but smaller craft. I have always wanted to fly a Cessna or similar smaller craft. I didn't think it possible though. Everyone had seemingly logical reasons for why I wouldn't be able to fly. The expense, the years it would take, the next to impossibility to get in the flight time needed as well as other reasons. It wasn't until I started the book that I realized it isn't as impossible as I was told.

There is a thing called a Sport Pilot License. It is for much smaller craft, for someone who just wants to fly for the fun of it and who doesn't plan to make money off of it. It's the kind of license I've always wanted. 

I looked further into it and found out there is an airport close to me, and they give lessons. All I need to do is study for the written test, get in the 30 hours of flight time and pass another test. And I could get a license. I could really fly. I'm doing some more research into it, and then I'm going to go down and talk to someone at the airport, but it looks like it is going to be possible and I'm more excited then I can put into words!

And there it is, my plans for 2016. They could change, plans always change, but I've started working on them already. (I should make a final note before I go, writing is involved in all of this, and publishing. Once I get a cover, which is harder to get then I realized.)


  1. Wow, great goals! I know you can do whatever you set your mind to! That's the way it goes, usually... Anyone could do anything, but personal insecurities or other people's disbelief gets in the way. Don't let it! You can do it!

  2. I am so happy for you! I think all your plans are amazing, and I will pray hard for you, as always. I think it is a good thing to pursue your dreams even if they seem impossible.

    The pilot license thing is so cool! I'm a little terrified at the thought of you hanging in the sky... but you know. It is cool for you if scary for me. Don't tell me about it unless you are safe on the ground.