Tuesday, February 2, 2016

This is more just me passing through

I think I might have to start rethinking my blogging methods. I never seem to have anything to say anymore, whether about my writing or daily life. And if I do blog about the things I am doing it ends up sounding dull.

Maybe I need some kind of schedule, or in the very least a plan. I only blog here one day a week though, as it is now, since I started the photography/ travel blog. It gets a day, this blog gets a day, and the rest of my week is spent studying a flying manual and working. If I were honest though, I spend less time out of my week working and more time trying to find work. There aren't jobs when they are needed, but trust me, the moment I find a job I will have everyone in town and their bother wanting to hire me. It's how life works. 

I've found that jobs don't get posted in the paper here, and if they do it is only a couple every now and then. I've started to wander up and down streets when I take Jenni on walks and peer in the store windows to see if they have Help Wanted signs up. I think I came close to snatching a job the other day using this method, until they discovered I know next to nothing about wines. I think they wanted someone who could recommend what type of wine goes best with certain cheeses. I'm going back tomorrow to show them I'm serious about wanting the job but I've stopped holding my breath. I was starting to turn blue in the face.

Hiking also seems to have come to a stand still. I don't dislike the cold, I've grown up in it, but even Jenni turns down the chance to hike when it is below zero or barely above it. We just have to get through this month without suffering cabin fever and we can start exploring again. If I can get my car fixed in a reasonable amount of time, and get a job, I want to take a trip down to Death Valley before it gets too hot to go. I have this month and next, and if I can't make it I will have to wait for winter next year.

I might start sharing some of my drawings. I've done three but I'm not sure if I have the nerve to show anyone. They aren't anything overly impressive, though I've been having fun and intend to try and get better at them.

As I said, my posts aren't anything exciting right now. I need to go snowboarding again or something. Cross country skiing, never mind the fact I haven't boots for it.

I will end now and go and read a book. Since that is how I pass my evenings.

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