Thursday, March 10, 2016


I almost didn't post today. I've been really tired this week, as in barely able to keep my eyes opened at work tired. The last thing I wanted to do today was sit down and write a post. (I haven't even posted om my other blog even though I have pictures again to share.) All I really wanted to do tonight was crawl under my quilt with a book I got from the library on exploring ancient Egypt. I guess that's how I relax, read about cities buried in the sand.

Why am I here when I want to be in bed? I don't know, but I am so I might as well try and say something worth while.

I've been hunting down places where I can start to get in the flight time I need for my license. There's a school in my hometown but they always seem to be closed whenever I get off work so I've not had a chance to go in and talk to them. I want to get an idea on prices and what I need to do before I can start the actual flying time. I also haven't yet decided which license I'm going for.
There are two I could get. The obvious one is the private license. I'd be able to fly smaller planes around the area where I live. To get it I have to pass a written test, a health examine and get in 30 hours of flight time.

The other I could get is the Sport Pilot License. It is easier to get, as I only need 20 hours of flight time, but it has more restrictions. I'd only be able to fly planes under a certain weight - in other words much smaller than the private license allows. There are more restrictions on where I'd be allowed to fly as well. Other differences are I wouldn't be able to charge for taking on passengers, not that I planned to in the first place. The only people I would ever consider taking with me would be friends and family and I don't think I'd ever be able to convince any of them to go up with me other than Ryan and Daviyd who are more dare devilish than my friends. (I say that because it isn't over the fact they'd trust me behind the controls of an airplane anymore than my friends would, but they'd go up just to say they'd gone up.)

I'm hoping to talk to someone to see which license would be better for me and what I want to do, which really is just wanting to fly. I have no goals behind this other than to get up in the air. 

And now I am going to crawl under my quilt with my book because I am exhausted.

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