Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Historical Figures

I thought it might be fun, for me at least, to start some posts dealing with history and archaeology. I had one planned while I was at work, but the moment I sat down in front of my computer I drew a large blank and could think of nothing related to history other than the Titanic thanks to Adam Young's newest score. http://www.ayoungscores.com/ Which I am currently listening to.

That aside, I think I will start off this new idea of post at last listing some of the people I most admire from history. I don't think this will end up being in order. Usually my admiration for these people shifts, though in the end I like them all the same.

John H. Patterson
Known from the movie, The Ghost and the Darkness, Patterson was a bridge builder and big game hunter. He worked in Africa for a time, constructing a bridge there. During the time his camp was plagued by two man eating lions. Almost nightly, these two beasts would come into the camp and kill and carry off at least one victim. Patterson soon made it his goal to kill the lions before they killed all of his workers. 
I first heard of Patterson's story from the movie, but since then have read his book and come to admire him even more than when I watched the movie.

The Wright Brothers
I admired the Wright Brothers long before I seriously considered flying myself. The work these two men did, the time and effort and study they put into flight has captivated me since I was very young. I love their story and I hope to someday travel to Washington DC to see their plane. I may cry when I do....

Howard Carter
Maybe not the best man as far as his character goes - quick tempered, stubborn - he is still a man I enjoy learning about. The first man to really take the time to work at Archaeology and study what he dug up rather than to go at digs like a treasure hunt, his story fascinates me. Maybe also because of the fact he refused to give up on finding Tut's tomb, even when everything worked against him.

Amelia Earhart
Sadly, I know little about her at this point. I've had trouble finding biographies on her. But the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, another pilot, and obviously an adventurer, I really want to learn more about her and her story.

Nate Saint
The pilot missionary who worked with Jim Elliot and was killed along beside him. (You can see a pattern with pilots I suppose.) I own the book written about him, Jungle Pilot, and am currently rereading it.

Darlene Diebler Rose
A missionary in WWII, Darlene was taken prisoner in the jungles. She lived for years under starvation, torture, and the uncertainty of how long she would be allowed to live. She lost her husband during that time as well as several friends.
I heard her story over a tape recording. She visited the church my grandma went to and my grandma picked up the tape for me. I listened to it non stop for months afterward. Her story inspired me in so many ways and continues to do so. She was an amazing woman who refused to give up against all odds. I only wish I could have heard her speak in person.

So there is a small list and overview. I could talk about each of them even more, but I've not studied my piloting manual today and I want to get that done before dinner.

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  1. The Wright Brothers were some of my earliest historical heroes.

    Howard Carter is also a favorite of mine. His work was amazing.

    I love Nate Saint and Amelia Earheart, too- both fascinating people.

    I'm looking forward to this new blog series, Evy!