Thursday, March 3, 2016

More Drawings

Another round of pictures. I felt very doddly this last weekend.

This is an older one though. The sky is meant to be black but I just got my oil colors and haven't tried them out on this one yet.

Another old picture. I used to draw birds all the time. I didn't get around to coloring him in until this weekend.

My butterfly which got less and less realistic the longer I did the colors. What can I say, I like pretty butterflies.

I've been feeling in the need for spring, so I did a dogwood tree with butterflies

Completed. Dogwoods don't have different colored flowers on one tree, but I like color

My dinosaur, who turned out extremely happy.

I realized Herge didn't work so much with shading as with angles and sizes, and I wanted to see if I could try and mimic some of his style. But first, I had to see if I could draw Tintin.

A landscape from one of the Tintin books. I am going to attempt this style more often, I like how it turns out.

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  1. Oh, I love the happy dinosaur! And the Tintin ones, too. Tintin looks so perplexed. You're making me want to draw things!