Tuesday, April 26, 2016

An Update

I drove down to Sacramento last Wednesday. I've been to a lot of cities, but Sacramento is my least favorite. It felt very rushed and wasn't pretty to look at like San Francisco. I don't think I'll go back there unless I have to.

On the way home, though, I stopped by a place called Bridal Falls. It's a narrow, pretty waterfall on the cliff face beside the road. I got some pictures and then climbed up beside it. The whole area felt like a less humid jungle, complete with spider webs. By the time Jenni and I got back down we had enough webs in our hair/fur to weave a silk shirt.

On Saturday I went down to Reno. I wanted to get a few things to put together a crash survival kit - for when I fly but also to keep in my car. I've been wanting to do one for a while and now it seems like an even better time since I drive so many places on my own. I also wanted to get the few items still missing from my Archaeology kit. I found most everything and had time to stop by Barnes and Noble, because one can't go to Reno and not go there.

This week I've started some spring cleaning, not that there's a lot since my place is so little. But it is nice to clean out from under my cupboards and go through some things.

Today I nannied. Currently I am a nanny for two families and a part time nanny for a third. The boy I watched today is my little buddy. We went on a walk, even though the wind got a bit chilly on the way home, and ended up in a marsh. He sat content in his stroller as I pushed, pulled and shoved him through ankle deep water. He kept completely dry, snug in my jacket, and just watched me, amused. (I told him Robin Hood stories while we walked. He's one and a half, so he probably wasn't sure what I was chattering about, but he didn't seem to mind.) Every time I'm with him I wish he needed a full time nanny. He's the kind of little kid I have the most fun taking care of. 

That has been my last two weeks. I have a long hike planned for Saturday if it doesn't snow and tomorrow I am attempting to bake a pie for the Bible study I go to. 

Not a long update but I want to write before bed. :)

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