Friday, April 1, 2016

Good-bye, March

I'm starting to think the flight school instructors here in Tahoe are a myth. I don't believe they exist. I've called down there for three weeks. I've gone by, emailed, left my name and number and left phone messages. And I've heard nothing and not one got anyone other than the answering machine.

My flight school has no teachers. They might have planes though, sitting lonely, waiting for someone like me to sneak down and have a run in one. Because I'm sure that wouldn't hinder me in getting my license...

I am going to call the Reno airport next week. If I can't get a hold of anyone here I will start to look into the cost of going down to Reno.

This week hasn't been overall exciting. All of March wasn't really. I worked a lot, filled out applications and waited for the cold weather to pass. As much as I like the cold, I don't like it when there will be incredibly warm days, and the next day it drops to the twenties again. I'm more than ready for summer. Archaeology digs, motorcycle riding, camping, hiking and swimming again.

I went to see about a job today and stopped by a small lake on my way home. Jenni and I walked all the way around it and played fetch with various sticks she found along the way. We disagree on the kind of sticks which are the best to play with. She likes the huge ones I can barely throw and I like the thin, sleek ones which I can get a nice spin on. It was nice to get out though, out in the sunshine and just walk without anything pressing going on.

I'm looking forward to April and the nicer weather it has already brought. I want to get out and enjoy the longer evenings and see if I can drive to new hiking places now that my car is running and I have a little gas money. Someone told me today about a place called Table Mountain and the wild flowers which grow there. He showed me a picture, it looks incredible. But if I don't make it this month all the flowers will be gone. So I'm going to see if I can get there while they are still blooming because it looks like an amazingly beautiful place.

That is really all I have to say. Like I said, not a lot has happened. I did get pictures of the hike and will share them on my other blog next week. (The link for it.

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