Wednesday, June 29, 2016

End of June

Things are slowing down at long last. I took my driver's and motorcycle test and passed so that is done with.

I got things worked out with a new job, more or less. Trimmed my hair - it seems like a small thing but when one is running about trying to get into the DMV it is hard to make time for a trim. 

I've done many other things as well. 

I have started to learn Latin and Morse Code as well as Zulu and Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I've even made progress in all four by using a website called

I am now working on the forth Marshall book, and still trying to figure out the cover for the first. 

In other words, most of it is unexciting except for me. I have begun to draw again, read, write, and go on hikes. Even better, I tried Stand-up Paddle for the first time. That was much more fun than I thought it would be.

Last Saturday I took two of my friends down a river on my raft. Since I didn't plan it out very well we didn't have anyone to meet us further down river and take us back to the car. This meant we had to raft down someways, then carry the raft back upstream. We decided to push it up in the river rather than pull it to the bank and walk on land.
When we got back to the car we decided to jump into the river. The jump and swim across the current was enjoyable, the icy water not as much.

I've been trying to get a time to work for my first flight lesson. My instructor has a job over the summer involving flying so he isn't always around. I have come to realize I am not patient when it comes to flying lessons and it has taken a lot of willpower not to text him every hour to ask if he has figured a time out yet. I really can't wait to get back up. Flying is probably the most glorious thing I have ever done. Maybe. The digs I have been on rate up with it, but they each have a different kind of rating so they are perhaps in more of a tie.

I am looking forward to July. I have a trip to Glass Beach down in Front Brigg planned, as well as a camping trip, more rafting, hopefully Stand up Paddle again, a log hike both up near Fallen Leaf and then up Tallaic. And the best part is, I don't have to try and get into the DMV! I am so happy about that.

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