Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The not so joyful experience of getting a car

Where do I begin?

Things have been rather crazy here during May. Some of it was nice, I had a birthday and did plenty of lovely things during the month. But a lot of it wasn't as nice.

When I moved to California I planned to take some classes and remain in the state as a student until I decided if I wanted to stay for years or just one year. I hadn't planned to change my address, license, or anything on my car which was good because the car I brought out wouldn't pass California emissions. It is probably a little odd to say, but I liked my car a lot. It wasn't anything impressive, a little, white Chevy Malibu. But it was sturdy and it got me everywhere I liked to go and it did well in the snow and the longer I had it the more attached I got. So not only did I not want to go through all the pain and work of finding a new car and getting it in my name, I also didn't want to get rid of my little white car.

So for a year I tried to get into college and look for a job and decide what I wanted to do with my life. The year passed before I knew it, and then without warning, I found out in May I had reached my deadline and I had to decide.

Stay in California and get a new car, or move when the lease on my little house was up. Not a lot of time to think about it, but thankfully I had already come to a decision even though I hadn't given it a lot of thought. I had fallen in love with the area I lived, I found an amazing church, wonderful friends, and an adopted family which had me over for Sunday dinners. I was going to stay.

Which meant by the end of May I had to buy a car which would pass in California, get plates, title, and insurance in my name, and start to study for the driving test before I got fined for not having done it all so much sooner.

Hence most of May passed in a blur of me trying to do very adult things all on my own. I had to call insurance companies, try and get into the DMV - I mention here the DMV hours are really stupid as they are ONLY open from nine to five weekdays. The days and hours everyone is at work. I had to take the new car in to get the emissions test. I had to figure out the title, bill of sale, all kinds of not so lovely things.

Thankfully most of it is over. I am now the plated and insured owner of a 1991 Jimmy Blazer. It is blue and white with an orange stripe and has been named Tintin. It is a manual, which is a blast to drive, and clatters in the most satisfying, adventure sounding ways. It also has butterfly seat covers and flowered decals on the window because my girly side equals my adventurous side.

All that is left is to sale my beloved Malibu, take my motorcycle and driving tests, and get my California license. Still not looking forward to the tests, tests and I don't mesh. But the long DMV lines are mostly done with and for that I am happy.

As for everything else, I have made plenty of wonderful summer plans. I've already started on them with a trip last Saturday up to the Red Woods and an overnight camping trip by a roaring river.

This Saturday I at LONG LAST got in to speak with a flight instructor and get an introduction flight. I am extremely excited and nervous and to help with the glee of when I get back on land I am taking a couple friends out to try my raft - it was that or go bounding through town and inform strangers I have finally been up in a Cessna.

My hunt for a dig I can volunteer at continues, but besides that, summer is looking like it is going to be a great deal of fun. Even better is that I now have really good friends to share my adventures with. Such as when we hiked all the way around Fallen Leaf Lake, which I shall save for another post.

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