Monday, July 10, 2017


I've grown up hearing stories of amazing blessings bestowed on people, I never expected such a thing to happen to me.

To start my story I will give a background. I've always had crooked teeth. I have a small mouth and when I was little some teeth had to be pulled because they were over crowding. I not only have buck teeth but three which are shoved back behind the others.

Braces was always out of the question for me. Even as a kid we couldn't afford them, so I quickly gave up on the idea and gave it little thought. 

For years I never thought about braces or my crooked teeth.

Then I started work at a coffee shop. I met lots of great people through there, many who became blessings to me. In small and big ways they helped me come out of my shell and embrace my more outgoing side.

I had no idea that someone was seeing me as an encouragement the same way I saw them.

I still have no idea who has blessed me in this way, but someone has paid for me to get braces. When I heard the news I went into a state of shock and didn't know how to process it. I still am processing it. It seems like too big a blessing to be given to me.

More than the fact that I have been given braces is the fact that someone thought to help or bless me in any form at all. That in itself means more to me than the braces. Someone met me and decided to do something nice for me. After the rough patch I went through the last few years it encourages me to know there is such kindness still and that someone would chose to show that kindness to me.

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