Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Last week

It sometimes hits me hard just how difficult life can be.

I don't mean just DMV visits and long lines. I mean things like trying to work as hard as possible to afford something I love to do, but trying not to overwork myself. Things such as trying to take part in my new church and make friends and being unsure of myself and what I am doing.

Last week I started my second job and I volunteered to help at my church's VBS. I left the house around seven in the morning and didn't get back until nine or there abouts.

It wasn't horrible. I did enjoy it. I loved helping with the kids, and I even made a new friend and saw some of the kids from the daycares where I work and got hugs.

But it was still hard. I didn't get a lot of time to rest, I have trouble being around people that long with no time to myself between, and I just felt overwhelmed.

Life is fun, but also hard. It doesn't always make sense, and sometimes there is a ton going on. I know God has a purpose for all things, I can't always understand them and sometimes I just have to hang on for the ride, but I think I like where He is taking me. It is new and scary, but also exciting. And He has allowed me the chances to do things I've always wanted, even though they have seemed impossible for years.

Volunteering was just the first step.

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