Monday, July 4, 2016

The 4th of July Weekend.

July has come along with heat. Baking in bed at night. Jenni longing for snow.

But it has also come with many wonderful adventures and promises of even more to come.

My friends and I had a picnic on Saturday. We went down a hiking trail behind Ross, down to what I believe is the Truckee river. I know of a tree there with rope tied to it which allows those daring to face the icy waters the chance to swing out and jump in.

In spite of the cold from the snow runoff, we jumped in several times, even waded until our feet and ankles went numb, When we could bear the cold anymore we lay in the sun and ate cookies and chips. I know, a really healthy snack, but when friends need cheered up nothing works faster than cookies. The cold wore us out quicker than we thought, but when we got back to my place we met up with my friends' sisters and went on an easy hike. Then we came home for a birthday party and watched Jurassic World, which I ended up liking better the second time I saw it than the first. Still not my favorite in the series, the first is and always will be, but better than I remember it being. 

Sunday was spent at the lake after church. We swam out as deep as we could go and then let the waves push us back. We laid in the sun for a while afterward to dry off. 

Today we went down to Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, and for frozen yogurt. It was a nice trip, and relaxing in spite of the drive. I even found a Test Prep book for flying. Over all it has been a fun, busy, relaxing weekend. And now I plan to go to bed and read before the work week starts 

And that is about all I have to say. Unfortunately I've not been able to get in my first flying lesson yet, but I am constantly checking my phone in the hopes my teacher will text me when he finds which days he is free. Until then I spend my time walking with my head thrown back so I can watch the planes passing overhead.

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