Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Kite Eating Tree and my first official flight lesson

The flight lesson happened before the tree but I want to save that story for last since it was so much fun. Not that the tree wasn't, but you must understand, airplanes!

I've always wanted to go to the beach and fly a kite. When I moved to the lake I knew I had a chance to fulfill that dream. Yesterday there was a nice breeze blowing, so I took my sisters for coffee at this cute shop in town called Revive. We sat out in the back garden and admired the flowers and wrote - yes, I am working on the 4th Marshall book - and relaxed.

When we finished out coffee we took the kite down to the beach. It is harder to fly a kite than it looks. We ran up and down the beach and amused the other beach goers with our attempts and the kite's constant nose dives.

We were being careful to keep it from the pine trees, but once it got up high a drift caught it, and stuck it fast into one of the trees.

My kite isn't all that special. I got it for free in the winter. The only reason I probably did what I did is because it is shaped something like a plane and I didn't want to buy a new one.

I got into the tree by balancing on a rock and pulling myself up on the lowest branch, which grew above the rocky sand about six feet high, Once up it wasn't any problem weaving in and out of the thin branches, another reason it might not have been a good idea.

I made it up in one piece, freed my plane kite and started back down. Getting down, I realized, would be the hard part. I made it back to the low branch but realized I couldn't just jump since there were so many rocks. The tree stood on a hill. The six foot high spot grew next to huge rocks. The other side on the downward slope was about seven feet high and the sand was scattered with smaller rocks. As I sat on the branch and realized I wouldn't be able to use the rock I used to climb up I got the sinking stomach feeling that I had made a horrible choice.

Thankfully a wire fence had been built beside the tree. I used it to get down, with my back to the tree and the wire cutting into my bare feet. By the time I got back down my legs were shaking, but it was still fun.

On Monday I had my first official flight lesson at seven in the morning.

My instructor took me out to his hanger where we pulled the plane out and went over the check list. It was the first time I have ever done this and I was pleased that I remembered some things from the books I've been studying.

Once we finished the list we climbed inside and settled in and off we went. He let me taxi the plane by myself and had me do most of the take off. We then few over Kingsbury Grade and down to Minden where he had me try turns. We did two different ones.

The first was a complete circle turn which showed I had control of the plane. He had me pick a point, such as a farm or house, and turn around it. I had to keep the wing the same distance around the point all the way through the circle. It was tricky and I felt as if I were going to drop us out of the sky a couple times, but I still love the feeling of the circle and being able to peer down on the world.

The next turn is called the S turn. It is where we flew over a road in an S shape. I loved this one even more though it seemed to take me longer to get the hang of it.

When we finished the turns we few back, going over Spooner Lake this time, and he had me again pretty much land the plane on my own. I always get a massive knot in my stomach when I do this, there is nothing like being given the controls of a machine which is driftingly falling out of the sky. He said I did really well on the landing, but I still felt as if I tipped too much.

My first lesson did confirm my love for flying. I have even been able to get my own head phones as well as a couple other books he recommended I study.

And now, once again, I can't wait to go back up.

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  1. Wow! That's so great! I'm glad you finally got to fly!