Tuesday, August 9, 2016

College, degrees and other ramblings

I went in to sign up for college for this coming fall, and it looks as if I might be able to get my degree in Anthropology, which is one step closer to Archaeology. Of course, I haven't yet decided if I will transfer or not. I want to get the degree in Archaeology, but that would mean moving to a new state again and I don't think I am ready for that. I have friends here, a church, some form of established residence. This has become home and I don't want to leave it now that I've found it.

For now I will take classes here and after I get the degree will decide what to do next. It's enough to get through this year of classes. 

I love studying, but I hate getting to the bit where I can go to class. There is paperwork to fill out, so much paperwork, and once I am on top of it it seems as if there is more waiting on the other side for me. And time is running out.

Not that everything lately has involved paperwork. There have been beaches which I will share on my travel blog, flight study as I wait for my instructor to get back into town, and a possible dig in a desert. The dig will likely start up in the fall, since digging in the desert in the summer isn't wise...for obvious reasons.

Saturday I went with some friends to raid a local book sale. I collected many books on Egypt, two Amelia Peabody mysteries, books on water colors and pastel painting, a book on the stars, and many others. Book raids are the best, especially when they are the fill the bag kind. Two of my friends and I filled two bags and split it three ways. I got about ten new books for ten dollars.

My brother helped me get a paddle board to help with strengthening my legs. I plan to try it out this summer if the early fall chill leaves the air. I don't mind the chill, but splash in the water and it can get rather cold. I do want to spend more time on the beach before fall settles in though.

That is a rather long winded update. Not overly exciting to talk about, but very exciting to live.

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