Tuesday, August 23, 2016

College is looming up on me. I am excited for it, even if I have to make some not fun choices about classes. (Mostly, I can take all the classes for my degree and pass and take some others for fun, or I can get a second degree in child care and teaching and get a scholarship.I have some plans to make and no time to make them.)

Either way I am excited to officially sign up, to get my books because some text books are fun to get. And I do enjoy studying.

But it also means my flight instructor is back in college. I have to find a new one, and the one in Carson City is next to impossible to get a hold of. Maybe if I jump up and down and hold my breath he will see how desperate I am. I'm still studying hard in the meantime. But the manuals aren't as fun to read as it is to actually fly.

I had more to say but now I can't keep my eyes opened.

I don't know if this even counts as a post, but here it is either way.

Good night.

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