Monday, August 15, 2016


It is four in the morning. I am listening to IL Volo and stalking my door. Jenni took off at three and it is too dark to try and find my naughty dog, so I am on edge waiting for dawn. And praying.

I am trying to be productive to keep myself from panicking.

So I am attempting a blog post, just I can't focus very well so it might be more of a ramble.

Summer is nearing an end here. School will start soon, but I don't think I will miss summer like I have in the past. I feel as if I have accomplished more this summer than ever before, and come fall I am even going to visit an Archaeological site.

Between the rafting and hiking, the traveling and the flying, I have gone on plenty adventures. I have also learned new things. An African language, painting, sketching, wild life journaling.

The best part is I have made some new friends who aren't over the internet. It's been a weird experience but I love it. I love having friends I can go Stand up Paddling with. And I even made a friend who loves Egypt and Archaeology and who will talk with me about mythology, digs and history. None of my summer adventures can surpass my new friends.

When I moved out I had no idea what waited me, as can be expected. It has been a long road so far, hard and rocky, but God has kept me going. I don't see it smoothing out anytime soon, but I want to keep going. I want to see what God has planned for me and I want to continue my adventures.

This isn't an end of summer post, that is coming. Like I said, it is a worrying for my dog post.

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