Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fly In

Sometimes I do dumb things, like spill noddles on my head. Other times I go to an Airplane race and end up not having working batteries in my camera. (Phones come in handy in a pinch.)
Then there are times I do really stupid things, like walk past a bold blue and white sign three times proclaiming, "FLIGHT LESSONS!" and ask a member of the FAA at the same table if he can direct me toward a flight instructor. And I wondered why they all smirked like I was mad....

I did get to talk to the Carson City flight instructor though. Now comes the part I hate, waiting for them to contact me. For my limited flying patience it always feels like it takes years.

I did have fun at the airshow in spite of not seeing the sign. The Blue Angels were there, and it has been FAR too long since I've seen them. They were just as amazing as I remember them being.

Monday college started, which means less time to study my flight manual. Both classes I'm taking feel like a race themselves, and even though I am only two days in I already can tell I would prefer to fly a plane in a race rather than race through math.

That is all. I am trying to get caught up on assignments I have no been given enough time for and I am tired.

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