Tuesday, December 13, 2016

School Changes

I have a lot to say but nothing at all. I hate feelings like this, I can't explain them and they make me want to hide in my little cabin and never come out.

Life has been a whirlwind since school started. Now I am on Christmas break and things seem different now even though it has only been three months since I started school again.I had to make some choices which were hard and which I didn't enjoy but seem to have worked out for the best.

When I signed up for classes I signed up for a math and Anthropology class. Half way through the math class, which I thought I could get through if I worked extra hard at, I began to fail. Knowing how badly it would look on future records, and because of pressing family problems which made my already struggle with math almost impossible, I decided it would be better in the end to drop the class and try again later rather than flunk it - yet again. I have already tried to pass Algebra five times already and failed each time.

I concentrated instead on Anthropology and hated every minute of it. There was a lot in the textbook and class I didn't agree with, a lot on evolution and new age theories. I passed though. And when it finished I had a chance to give my schooling some thought before I signed up for the winter semester.

I have decided to not get a degree in Anthropology. I still want to get it in Archaeology, but I need to get my math skills up first. Something I can work on this winter on my own and take a math class in the spring if I can pass the text book on my own.

Until then, I will be taking a history class, a skiing one - cross country which should be enjoyable if only because it allows me to get outside in the snow - and a beginning piano. I am taking the piano class with my best friend, so it should be fun, that and I enjoy learning new instruments. 

For the time being though I don't plan to do any thinking of school. I am registered for classes which means I can enjoy my holiday break to its fullest. Something I can do even better since my mom and Ryan will be coming to visit me in just four days! I am so excited!! We have so many plans, including me and Ryan going snowboarding. And I was able to get a season pass, so I can go up as often as I like.

And that is all. I'm sure I will have more to share after their visit. 

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