Saturday, January 28, 2017

Old Fshioned

I am not....

A baker.
A sewer
An artist
An Archaeologist
A pilot
A homemaker
A cook
A mother
A wife
Always well put together

There is so much going on right now as far as Women's Rights. And while I could stand for certain of those rights, there is so much mixed in - including abortion - that I cannot stand with. Therefore I am one of those apposed to the general idea of Woman's Rights.

I'm old fashioned, but I am also me. I am tired of women putting themselves in boxes and saying they need to get jobs and go out into the world to be seen as human beings.

I live in America. As a woman I have it pretty good as far as rights go.

But why am I writing all of this? Is there a connection?

You see, I'm a human being. Created in God's image. Maybe I am a unique human being, because I believe I can do things. I don't have to be put into the box women are stuffing themselves in. Yes, I have a fact I have two. I don't think it is wrong for women to have jobs. We need jobs too. But I also don't think there is anything wrong with being a homemaker, wife, and mother. Am I any of those? Not really. I am learning to be a homemaker and keep my little home. I am not a wife and mother but I'm not opposed to it. God just hasn't called me to that, not yet, maybe someday. Maybe not though. Maybe I will always be single. Point is I am going to serve God single or married.

I am also not stuffed into personality boxes. I am not girly, but I am also not tomboy in the sense it is used now. I love the outdoors. I hike, I swim, I raft, I camp. I also wear frilly skirts and dresses, I wear high heels sometimes, I sometimes like to do my hair so it looks pretty. I climb trees in skirts and with my hair in buns, I run around barefoot in the summer, I ski and snowboard and come home and wrap up in fuzzy blankets and read. I am introverted and outgoing. I love people, I love time alone. I don't like terms like Introvert, Extrovert, Girly, Tomboy. They are too limiting. Why can't people be themselves even if it is a mix of all of that?

I'm a girl who goes to college, not because I believe I have to but because I want to study and learn more. I enjoy it. I am a girl who works two jobs because I live on my own, because right now that is just how things have to be done. Would I like to be living at home still, yes. Can I? No. So I do what must be done and I do it with my whole heart and cheerfully. I decorate in pink, I keep a raft in my car, I drive a blazer with butterfly seat covers, I dig in the dirt because I love history, I fly, I am a lady and accept help from men when it is offered me. But sometimes it isn't there and I have to do things on my own so I do it. I have learned to never turn down an offer of help and kindness though, whether it is from men or women. It helps to keep me humble and makes others feel good.

In other words, what I mean to say is I am myself. The girl God created in His own image. And I am proud to be that girl and I will continue to be so. I'm far from normal, but I'm something else. Human.

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