Friday, April 21, 2017

The One About Rome

It's about time I post about Rome.

To start at the beginning I should say I get the Biblical Archaeology Review magazine. Every year they list digs overseas, and every year for the last four or so years I have read through the list and bemoaned the fact I couldn't go on one. Part was the cost, but also because I just didn't think it was possible for me to travel overseas.

With my desire to get my piloting license this year I again looked at the list with the same feelings of impossibility, though I determined to go next year.

However, as I was looking, I was surprised to find some very inexpensive digs in Italy. Though not my first choice as far as countries go - I wanted to go to Egypt first - I realized I could actually afford it if I managed my money carefully. Still, I didn't think it was possible but I filled out a couple applications and then forgot about them.

A few weeks after I filled them out I got replies from two of the sites. I had been accepted for two separate digs! Giddy, I easily picked which one I wanted out of the two. (Not only did it cost less but it was for eighteen days rather than one week.)

I sent in half the amount to hold my place and have steadily been saving up the rest, as well as the money I will need for my plane ticket.

The dig isn't until the middle of September and goes until the first week in October. So I have a long while to wait, but that is besides the point. I. Am. Going. To. Rome! And the price includes a tour of Pompeii which we will be digging near!

Now just comes the waiting.

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