Sunday, January 14, 2018


Life has been interesting for me this winter and fall, since I last posted. I will try and catch everyone up on it.

First of all, I am back in school. I was thinking for a little while of becoming an Early Childhood Teacher, until I got the book. There was so much I disagreed with it but what really stood out to me was when the book referred to children as "scientific events" which we were meant to study. I couldn't do it. 

Around this time I had gotten hired at a job where I would need the classes, so I intended to just push my way through them. But then God worked something wonderful out.

The job was at a daycare, part time. It meant I would still be working two part time jobs which added up to teen hours a day on the days I did work. It was a lot, but since I only worked about three days it still wasn't enough. Then I found out my hours would be cut at the new daycare.

I went over to my best friend's and had a bit of a meltdown and sobbed for a while. But she is reasonable and helped me work out a plan. She works at a Christian daycare fulltime. I called her boss, since she mentioned that they were still hiring.

I got hired right away, but then was concerned my new boss would be angry because it meant I had to give my notice a week after I started. Before I could she politely fired me, it all worked out so well in the end. And by that I mean God all worked it out in ways I couldn't have seen.

Now I will be working eight hours a day, five days a week and will not have to take the class I strongly disagree with. Also it means I have time to really work toward my Bachelor's degree in Archaeology. I am taking an Archaeology class this semester and am really enjoying it. I now just need to research to see if I want to go into Biblical Archaeology or Historical Archaeology as both interest me.

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